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Plate Rolling Machine

We design and manufacture pyramid type rolling machine of any capacity. The height & length can be designed as per your need. You may have hydraulic type or mechanical type. You can have rolling machine for sheet rolling also for minimum thickness 1 mm or less.

Industrial welding Roller

We design fixed and adjustable industrial welding roller.
  • Suitable for big tank making, circumference welding and cutting.
  • Automatic welding can work with the cross arm to upgrade the welding path’s quality.
  • Over 10 tons is driven by DC motor to increase the rotating torque.
  • Rigid structure can prevent machine from deforming due to heavy load.
  • Rotating speed 100~1000 (mm/min).

Hydraulic Press Machine

We design and manufacture hydraulic press for any purpose. Sizes can be customized as per your requirement and space constraint.

Cap. in Ton





Power required (HP)





Max Size of dish (mm)





Thk max in MS





Pressure Vessel

We design & manufacture Pressure vessel as per ASME code compliance. Pressure vessel can be designed upto pressure 200 bar. Diameter and length can be designed as per your specification/space constraint. Tank can be manufactured in all kind of material as per your process requirement. SS tank can be buffed to suit of finish requirement or acid cleaned & passivated.

Acoustic enclosure/acoustic barrier

Design, manufacture & Installation of a wide range of acoustic enclosure. This acoustic enclosure can be installed for noisy DG set, Industrial Blower, Industrial acoustic cabin, noisy fan, noisy machine or process etc. Acoustic barrier can be installed to protect the place from noisy space. It can be used like boundary wall.
It can be customised as per requirement & dimensions.

Shed Fabrication

We fabricate shed as per your design/architect at your place or at our place and do installation at your site. We can also provide you design if you require. It can be painted as per your choice of colour.

Wear Resistance Component

We manufacture wear resistance component as per your requirement. It helps in protection of your main part from wear. We can manufacture in any shape & sizes. We can also make wear plate for screen purpose.

Heat Insulation & Cold Insulation

Insulations are used to protect losses from pipeline during transit. At SPMetalFab, insulation can be of heat insulation or cold insulation type.
We do both type insulations. We can do this on job or at site. At SPMetalFab, we can do thickness calculation thick insulation required. We use glass wool for heat insulation.

Bulk fabrication & Special Fabrication

We are interested in tie up for bulk or special fabrication. At SPMetalFab, we have sufficient know how technique/ knowledge for special fabrication. At SPMetalFab,we can do machining, heat treatment any other services which may require to complete the job successfully.

Site fabrication

We have sufficient manpower and safety awareness to take up site work. At SPMetalFab, if you have any tough job to be executed, then we can do this for you. We are looking for long term association.


  • Crane – 2 nos., 5 Ton & 10 Ton each
    Hydro testing machine- 3000 psi

  • Water source – inhouse

  • Spray Painting – inhouse
    Pickling & passivation - inhouse

  • Pickling & passivation - inhouse
    Rolling machine – 2 nos , 2 mm thk x 1500 mm width and 10 mm thk x 2500 mm width
  • Sand blast – inhouse